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Protein Brownies and Blondies

Our newest Protein Brownies and Blondies are the perfect the perfect way to satisfy your cravings in a healthy way and boost your metabolism so you stay healthier throughout your day.

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Packed with nutrients, each brownie and blondie contains 10g of protein, added collagen, and delicious dulce de leche and guava extract.

How to take

We recommend you to eat them twice a day as your healthy snack as part of our 2+2+1 program.

What to expect?

Eating our Brownies/Blondies on a regular basis will help you satisfy unhealthy cravings that cause you to gain weight and build fat. Eating high-protein snacks is something you need to do consistently to stay healthy. 

10g protein
Boosts Metabolism*
Delicious flavor
Supports Weight LOSS*
10g protein
Boosts Metabolism*
Delicious flavor
Supports Weight LOSS*

Taste the benefits

May help boost
your metabolism*

High protein diets can boost your metabolism.

Helps reduce

Its high protein keeps you satisfied for longer.

Can assist in
weight loss*

Protein helps the body build lean muscle, which burns fat.

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Why choose
Yes You Can!?

Our products are designed with clinically proved ingredients

Each one of our products contain high-quality natural ingredients that are proven to work. We’ve helped thousands of customers achieve their wellness goals, whether it is achieving their healthy weight, fighting bloating, increasing their energy, improving digestion and everything in between.

Delicious Latin flavors

Our Brownies and Blondies are the perfect combination of delicious Latin flavors with benefits. Enjoy a snack any time of the day and live a healthier life.

Packed with collagen

Our newest treats are packed with collagen which helps building and preserving lean muscle which assists in fat burning and a lighter version of you.

Convenient, healthy, and delicious

Take anywhere
Grab one
Open it
Eat and enjoy
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We’ve got answers
What will they do for me?

Promote satiety as well as lean muscle build and play a key role on your weight loss journey.

How long should I eat them for?

Just like water, high-protein snacks should be part of your every-day diet.

How many times a day can I eat them?

We recommend you eat them as a snack 2 times a day as part of our 2+2+1 system.

How many are in a box?

Each box contains 14 units.

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Happy Customers

Sweet and Delicious!

Delicious treats to indulge without guilt.

- Karina F.
(verified purchaser)
They Keep Me satisfied!

I used to be hungry all the time. Now, with these Brownies I don’t have any cravings.

- Sheila G.
(verified purchaser)
I recommend them

It’s like eating a delicious desert, but healthy. The price is also very good. I recommend them 100%.

- Cindy B.
(verified purchaser)
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